The Friends of Madera Canyon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1987 to maintain reasonable public access to Madera Canyon. We do this by developing and allocating financial and organizational resources to maintain the Canyon and its unique features. Recruiting, training and encouraging volunteers to monitor, maintain, enhance and educate. Directing resources toward and partnering with US Forest Service professionals on important infrastructure projects. Providing educational programs and materials to encourage stewardship of the Canyon. Promoting  the Canyon and surrounding Sky Islands to outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, birders, families, school children, local communities and the general public – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Collecting data and public feedback to assist the U.S Forest Service in its management responsibilities. Protecting the Canyon by playing an active role in researching, proposing, funding and executing projects that enhance the Canyon, its resources and recreational opportunities. Engaging youth to experience the Canyon and participate as its stewards.  Working closely with local communities, organizations and schools to promote the Canyon, support its preservation, and take pride in their role as stewards of this renowned recreational treasure. Strengthening partnerships with county, state and federal governmental agencies to maintain, preserve, protect Madera Canyon for the recreation, enjoyment and education of current and future generations.

by Colleen Whitaker, published July 31, 2018