American Conservation Experience

American Conservation Experience (ACE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing rewarding environmental service opportunities for youth, young adults, and emerging professionals of all backgrounds to explore and improve public lands while gaining practical professional experience.

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

While most people know us for our world class museum with thousands of native species, we also do conservation work. We are coordinating regional buffelgrass control efforts in southern Arizona and host events for everyone from first time volunteers to seasoned buffelgrass experts.

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Arizona Trail Association

The mission of the Arizona Trail Association is to protect, maintain, enhance, promote and sustain the Arizona Trail as a unique encounter with the land. The Arizona Trail is an 800-mile National Scenic Trail from Mexico to Utah that connects deserts, mountains, canyons, forests, communities and people.


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Arizona Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs

Full size four wheel drive association of clubs throughout the state of Arizona. Family oriented association that does trail rides, clean ups, adopt a road and ranch projects, individual club events around the state.

The ASA4WDC and their clubs work with local agencies to help keep our roads and trails open.

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AZNPS Santa Cruz Chapter

The Arizona Native Plant Society (AZNPS) Santa Cruz Chapter is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the native plants of our region. Giving an opportunity for like-minded people to gather and further our knowledge, we learn plant identification, which plants are edible and medicinal, how to forage and harvest ethically, and how to preserve and cultivate them. We meet on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. lasting around an hour and a half, and altering meeting spaces between Sonoita and Patagonia.

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Borderlands Restoration Network

Borderlands Restoration Network is both an independent public charity and a collaborative of multiple organizations that are working to build a regional restoration-based economy in which diverse, fulfilling livelihoods support the restoration of thriving natural ecosystems and build prosperous, vibrant, healthy communities in the US – Mexico borderlands.

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Catalina State Park Buffel Slayers

Join us November through April to slay invasive, non-native buffel and fountain grass. Protect our saguaros, wildflowers, and magnificent vistas by digging or herbicide spraying during our regular events. Tools and work gloves are provided. Volunteers get into the park for free!

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Central Arizona Grotto

The Central Arizona Grotto (CAG), a caving club dedicated to conserving the very sensitive and fragile environment of caves and cave life in Arizona. CAG is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society (NSS). As a club, we feel that education is the first step toward cave conservation and management. Our activities include exploring, research, monitoring, restoration, surveying, conservation, vertical work and safety techniques. Our meetings are held the first Friday of every month. Directions to the meeting location are published in our monthly newsletter, the Cave Crawler’s Gazette. International Membership is encouraged as a means to broaden our relationship with, and understanding of, cavers and caves from around the world, and to foster interest in the study of speleology in general. Safe Caving!

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Climbing Association of Southern Arizona

The Climbing Association of Southern Arizona (CASA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that advocates for local climbers through stewardship, education and partnership with land managers. Founded in 2015, CASA gives back to the local community through collaborative projects. CASA routinely conducts erosion control on Mt. Lemmon trails, removes graffiti at Windy Point, provides education as well as fun, community-building activities, and facilitates Mt. Lemmon Highway cleanups. Through events like these and more, CASA members and supporters pour thousands of volunteer hours into the treasured outdoors, benefiting all users.

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Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection

The Coalition’s mission is to achieve the long-term conservation of biological diversity and ecological function of the Sonoran Desert through comprehensive land-use planning, with primary emphasis on Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

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Coronado National Forest

Coronado National Forest is made up of the sky island mountain ranges in southeast Arizona and encompasses five ranger districts. Our mission is “caring for the land and serving the people”. There are countless recreation opportunities throughout the forest as well as active grazing and mining; current and historical tribal land use; preservation and conservation of archaeological resources; and active fire management implementation. Volunteers are an important resource and help us accomplish our mission. Many of the partner organizations listed here host volunteer events on the Forest.

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Friends of Brown Canyon Ranch

The Friends of Brown Canyon Ranch are dedicated to the history, environment, and public enjoyment of Brown Canyon Ranch. Located on the east flank of the Huachuca Mountains in the Coronado National Forest, this historic site offers visitors a glimpse of ranching life in early 20th century. In addition, several hiking, biking, and horseback trails and 2 ponds offer more recreational opportunities. Volunteers from Friends of Brown Canyon, a non-profit organization, work closely with the Forest Service in the upkeep of site facilities and amenities and providing educational programs, tours, and interpretative displays.


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Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation

Since 1994, Friends of Canoa has dedicated their efforts to preserving the land, history and heritage of the 335,000 acre Historic Canoa Ranch property, located at the base of Madera Canyon.
Our mission is to preserve, restore, and interpret the rich cultural heritage of Canoa Ranch through the creation of a community-based museum, centered at but not limited to the Historic Canoa Ranch Complex.
Celebrating the peoples of the Santa Cruz River – Hohokam, O’odham, Yoeme (Yaqui), Apache, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo-American – from pre-Columbian times to the present through educational outreach for the benefit of the public.
The Character of Affairs of the corporation is to engage in fundraising that continues our outreach efforts, and in the collection of historic personal property, memorabilia, preservation of photographic and written records, and preservation of the memories of persons associated with the Historic Canoa Ranch.
The Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the experience of the visitor to Canoa with their “VISIT CANOA” projects which educate and engage the public.

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Friends of Cave Creek Canyon

Friends of Cave Creek Canyon is an all volunteer organization based in Portal, Arizona, that works to inspire appreciation, understanding, and protection of the beauty, biodiversity, and legacy of Cave Creek Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeast Arizona. We work closely with the US Forest Service to support the agency’s work and mission. We seek to provide educational opportunities for area residents, visitors, school groups, scientific researchers, and others who cherish the special qualities of our region. We staff and manage the Visitor Information Center in the canyon. We also clean campgrounds, in addition to providing trail maintenance.


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Friends of Kentucky Camp

Kentucky Camp was built in 1904 as headquarters for the Santa Rita Water and Mining Company. Its investors hoped to collect water from the Santa Rita Mountains for hydraulic gold mining. A unique feature of the site is a group of five adobe buildings. The ten room headquarters building is one of the largest surviving adobe buildings of its era. A gold processing building hints at the original purpose of the site. A three room adobe building is available for overnight rental. The Arizona Trail runs through Kentucky Camp and offers many possibilities for hiking, mountain biking and horse-back riding through the Santa Rita mountain foothills. Friends of Kentucky Camp is a non-profit organization established to help in the preservation and interpretation of the historic site. Friends sponsor volunteer days, coordinate volunteer activities, and conduct preservation projects in cooperation with the Coronado National Forest.

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Friends of Madera Canyon

The Friends of Madera Canyon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1987 to maintain reasonable public access to Madera Canyon. We do this by developing and allocating financial and organizational resources to maintain the Canyon and its unique features. Recruiting, training and encouraging volunteers to monitor, maintain, enhance and educate. Directing resources toward and partnering with US Forest Service professionals on important infrastructure projects. Providing educational programs and materials to encourage stewardship of the Canyon. Promoting  the Canyon and surrounding Sky Islands to outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, birders, families, school children, local communities and the general public – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Collecting data and public feedback to assist the U.S Forest Service in its management responsibilities. Protecting the Canyon by playing an active role in researching, proposing, funding and executing projects that enhance the Canyon, its resources and recreational opportunities. Engaging youth to experience the Canyon and participate as its stewards.  Working closely with local communities, organizations and schools to promote the Canyon, support its preservation, and take pride in their role as stewards of this renowned recreational treasure. Strengthening partnerships with county, state and federal governmental agencies to maintain, preserve, protect Madera Canyon for the recreation, enjoyment and education of current and future generations.

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Friends of Redington Pass

Friends of Redington Pass (FRP) advocates for the responsible stewardship of the Redington Pass area, balanced recreational and resource uses and the preservation of its ecological, scenic, and cultural resources. Friends of Redington Pass is actively working to improve conditions in Redington Pass, restore its scenic qualities, protect its natural features, and assure a safe and clean environment for all recreational users. Friends of Redington Pass includes people with diverse interests including bikers, hunters, OHV riders, hikers, ranchers, naturalists, target shooters, and nearby residents. We work with the Coronado National Forest, AZ Game and Fish, Pima County, Saguaro National Park and other agencies and stakeholders to advance sound forest area planning, conservation and clean up, and road and trail management in the Pass.  Redington Pass is a high mountain pass located within the Coronado National Forest between the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Rincons in northeast Pima County just east of Tucson, AZ.

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Friends of Sabino Canyon

The Friends of Sabino Canyon (FOSC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that, for the 25 years since its founding in 1993, has raised funds to conserve, protect, and enhance our unique canyon. Sabino Canyon is among the best examples of the Arizona Uplands, the northeastern most subdivision of the Sonoran Desert Region. The tripartite logo of the FOSC emphasizes the three dominant life zones found here.

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Friends of the Huachuca Mountains

The Friends of the Huachuca Mountains provides educational opportunities and enhanced awareness of the natural and cultural history of the Huachuca Mountains and Canyons and serves as a bridge to community involvement. The Friends of the Huachuca Mountains staffs and manages the Carr House Interpretive Center in Carr Canyon outside of Sierra Vista. Carr House is open on Saturday and Sundays from 9:00 until 4:00, April through October of each year. We host a speakers series each summer. The programs begin at 1:30 every other Sunday. Please see our website for directions and details.

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Gila Valley Hiking Club

The Gila Valley Hiking Club is dedicated to promoting hiking and related activities which further the appreciation, understanding, preservation, and enjoyment of the outdoors. The club is committed to active, responsible, and safe participation in enjoying the out-of-doors.

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Gila Watershed Partnership

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to engage the community in improving the water quality and ecosystem condition of the Upper Gila Watershed through education and economic opportunity.

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Ironwood Tree Experience

To create healthy and resilient communities, Ironwood Tree Experience makes it possible for young people to engage with the natural world and be stewards of the environment.

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Latino Outdoors Tucson Chapter

Latino Outdoors is a unique Latino-led organization. We are working to create a national community of leaders in conservation and outdoor education. As part of this work, we are focused on expanding and amplifying the Latino experience in the outdoors; providing greater opportunities for leadership, mentorship, professional opportunities and serving as a platform for sharing cultural connections and narratives that are often overlooked by the traditional outdoor movement. It is a space for the community to be present, share their voices, and showcase how conservation roots have been ingrained in Latino cultura for generations.

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National Forest Foundation

Chartered by Congress, the National Forest Foundation was created with a simple mission: bring people together to restore and enhance our National Forests and Grasslands.

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Pima County Native Plant Nursery

In 2001, as part of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, County staff wrote and prepared a proposal for a Native Plant Program that would minimize some of the more harmful impacts of urban development on native plants and plant communities and address some of the problems that public works departments had found in obtaining appropriate plant material for projects. Since then, Pima County has put many of these ideas into practice, including creation of the Native Plant Nursery that has provided tens of thousands of native plants for County public works projects.. All of the plants grown by the Native Plant Nursery end up in public spaces. At present, there are over 20,000 plants being grown for a variety of public projects, representing over 200 different species.

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Public Lands Interpretive Association

The Public Lands Interpretive Association (PLIA) is a 501 c(3) nonprofit that supports public lands in Arizona and New Mexico through education and service. PLIA partners with the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service to develop and sell educational publications, products and maps at visitor center and office stores, operates campgrounds in the Kaibab National Forest and provides visitor information at information centers. In southern AZ, PLIA operates the Sabino Canyon and Palisades Visitor Center bookstores.

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Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists

Volunteer naturalists have provided educational programs for children and adults for over 40 years. We strive to promote an understanding and appreciation of, and respect for, the natural environment by providing the public with information and interpretation which will increase the pleasure they derive from their visits to the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. Our main programs are school fieldtrips for K thru 6 grade students to Sabino Canyon where they learn thru hands on activities about various subjects such as geology, ancient peoples, predator/prey, arthropods/creekside habitat, and balance of nature. We also lead various public walks and hikes.

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Saguaro National Park – Resource Management Division

Saguaro National Park’s Resource Management Division offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, all in the name of preserving, protecting, and better understanding our Sonoran Desert landscape. Many opportunities involve invasive plant control, including 2nd Saturday buffelgrass pulls (Sept-May) and the Weed Free Trails program (in which individuals get trained in non-native plant identification and pull weeds independently on a regular route). In addition, group buffelgrass pulls can be scheduled for your organization or group. We also bring in volunteers and groups to assist in research and ecological monitoring, such as a saguaro nurse tree study that we recently piloted. We have recently begun recruiting volunteers with botanical expertise to help us survey for plants of interest. Most of these opportunities are available at both the Rincon Mountain and Tucson Mountain Districts of the park.

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Sanctuary Cove/All Creeds Brotherhood

Sanctuary Cove is an 80 acre desert preserve at the northern base of Safford Peak. It is private property managed by a religious non-profit corporation and open to the public each day from sunrise to sunset. It is a unique place to find spiritual connectedness and peace in nature. It is
funded by donations, membership dues, and fees collected from our rental cottage and chapel/amphitheater for weddings and memorials. The pristine desert sanctuary offers miles of hiking adjacent to Saguaro National Park Tucson Mountain District.

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Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol

SCVP volunteers are uniformed representatives of the Forest Service that provide information and assistance to visitors regarding trails and trailhead locations, hiking conditions, wildlife and desert safety issues, and Forest Service rules and regulations across the Santa Catalina Ranger District. In addition to trail patrolling, SCVP members are volunteers at the Sabino Canyon and Palisades Visitors Centers information desks, bike patrollers in Sabino Canyon, Rams Rangers in the Big Horn Sheep Management Area, and lookouts at the Lemmonrock Fire Lookout on Mt Lemmon.

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Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area

The Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area (SCVNHA) honors and celebrates the natural environment, cultural traditions, historic places, and working landscapes of the watershed of the Santa Cruz River in Pima and Santa Cruz counties in southern Arizona. As a non-regulatory designation made by Congress, SCVNHA takes a grassroots, community-focused approach to support historic preservation, natural resource conservation, recreation, heritage tourism, and educational projects.

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Sky Island Alliance

Sky Island Alliance is a non-profit conservation organization based in Tucson, Arizona that protects and restores the natural and cultural heritage of the Sky Islands. Sky Island Alliance works across southeastern Arizona, southwestern new Mexico, and into northern Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico. Sky Island Alliance works with federal and state agencies, academic institutions, other conservation organizations, and private landowners on a wide variety of conservation projects; however none of the work would be possible without their army of hundreds of volunteers who help implement projects on the ground. The Coronado National Forest is an important partner in Sky Island Alliance’s work to inventory and protect springs, conduct habitat restoration, and monitor wildlife in Sky Island Mountain ranges.

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Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists

SDMB and our volunteers Build, Ride, and Protect trails in Pima County and across Southern Arizona through coordinating volunteer trail building and maintenance events, working with land managers and community stakeholders to preserve trail access for mountain bikers and all trail users, and promoting the sport of mountain biking with Social Rides and community events.

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Southern Arizona Hiking Club

The SAHC is dedicated to the purpose of hiking and related activities which further the appreciation and enjoyment of our environment. We are committed to active ,responsible and safe participation in the outdoors.
We list an average of 70-100 or more events each month which include not only hiking, but backpacking, urban walking, car camping, social activities and travel. A free monthly program meeting that covers many areas of interest is open to all.

The club promotes and participates in trail maintenance, trail access , and adopt-a-highway programs

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The Nature Conservancy – Aravaipa Canyon Preserve

Aravaipa Canyon is noted for its ~20-mile perennial desert stream, majestic cliffs, and wildlife. Aravaipa Creek cuts through the northern end of the Galiuro Mountains and drains into the San Pedro River. The Nature Conservancy’s 54,000-acre Aravaipa Canyon Preserve (ACP) includes lands at both the east and west ends of the canyon as well as preserve lands intermixed with public land. The canyon hosts one of the most intact native fish assemblages in Arizona, over 200 species of birds, and a suite of charismatic fauna including desert bighorn sheep, black bears, bobcats, coatimundi, ringtailed cats, coyotes, and mountain lions. ACP protects the riparian canyon, the surrounding table lands, and the ecosystem that it supports. Fish monitoring, controlled burning, and other conservation management activities on ACP are directed toward ensuring the long-term protection of the stream system and its mixed broadleaf riparian forest composed of cottonwood, willow, walnut, alder, and sycamore trees.

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The Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve

In between the Patagonia and Santa Rita Mountains of southeastern Arizona lies The Nature Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve, home to biological diversity associated with some of the richest of the remaining riparian (streamside) habitat in the region. As the first project for The Nature Conservancy in Arizona, Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve contains the first two miles of permanent flow of Sonoita Creek and the floodplains adjacent to the stream. The watershed is mostly undeveloped, and the natural processes of flooding are mostly intact and functioning. A significant number of rare and sensitive plant species are found in the Sonoita Creek watershed, such as the Huachuca water umbel, Santa Cruz striped agave, Santa Cruz beehive cactus, Arizona black walnut, and netleaf hackberry.

Today the Preserve is visited by thousands of people every year seeking to see and experience some facet of its rich natural diversity. It is recognized nationally as an Important Birding Area, with over 250 species of birds documented throughout the year relying on the preserve’s unique habitat for breeding or migratory stopovers. Volunteers are always welcome to help staff the visitor center or assist with trail maintenance and other projects.

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The Nature Conservancy’s Ramsey Canyon Preserve

Located a few miles south of Sierra Vista, Arizona, Ramsey Canyon Preserve is at the ecological crossroads of the Sierra Madres, Rocky Mountains, and the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts. The abrupt rise of the Huachuca Mountains from the surrounding grasslands creates one of the “sky islands” that harbor tremendous habitat diversity. A spring-fed stream, northeast orientation, and high canyon walls provide Ramsey Canyon with a cool, moist environment unusual in the Southwest. This combination of factors gives Ramsey Canyon Preserve its notable variety of plant and animal life, including such southwestern specialties as ridge-nosed rattlesnake, lesser long-nosed bat, and elegant trogon. Water-loving plants such as sycamores, maples, and columbines line the banks of Ramsey Creek, often growing within a few feet of cacti, yucca, and agaves.

The preserve serves as The Nature Conservancy’s southeastern Arizona program office—a base for the Conservancy’s work with regional partners on large-scale projects such as fire management, stream restoration, and protection of rare species. We are always looking for volunteers to run the visitor center and help with restoration projects.

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TORCA- Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists

TORCA (Tucson Off-road Cyclists & Activists Inc.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, 100% volunteer organization in Southern Arizona whose mission is “To engage and empower the mountain bike community to preserve the outdoor experience through advocacy, stewardship, and education with a focus on the maintenance of our valuable trails.” TORCA’s Board of Directors and volunteers work extremely hard to demonstrate to land managers that mountain bikers are committed to preserving the integrity of the trails, as well as fostering better user group relations. TORCA accomplishes this by holding monthly trail work days, and logs thousands of volunteer trail work hours each year.

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Trail Riders of Southern Arizona

The Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) Inc. is a 501(c)3 club that promotes safe and responsible off-highway motorcycle recreation through action and education. TRS is a founding and member club of the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association (AMRA); participates in their racing series and is also a chartered club with the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA). The club works with local, state, and national OHV organizations (AMA, BlueRibbon Coalition, Tread Lightly, National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council) and government entities (USFS, BLM, Az. State Parks & Trails) to promote rider education and participate in land use planning and policy. TRS conducts annual funding raising events to support local community charities. TRS is open to all motorcycle riders regardless of skill level.

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Tucson Audubon Society

Tucson Audubon inspires people to enjoy and protect birds through recreation, education, conservation, and restoration of the environment upon which we all depend. We work throughout southeastern Arizona on a variety of conservation, restoration, and research projects aimed at protecting the region’s biodiversity. Some notable projects include surveying Yellow-billed Cuckoos in the Sky Islands, creating cuckoo and hummingbird habitat, installing pollinator gardens, creating nesting boxes for a range of birds in decline, and creating ponds for endangered fish. We also host numerous field trips to introduce and educate people about the amazing birds and wildlife found regionally.

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Tumacácori National Historical Park

Tumacácori sits at a cultural crossroads in the Santa Cruz River valley. Here O’odham, Yaqui, and Apache people met and mingled with European Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries, settlers, and soldiers, sometimes in conflict and sometimes in cooperation. Follow the timeworn paths and discover stories that connect us to enduring relationships, vibrant cultures, and traditions of long ago.

Explore the mission grounds and visitor center, the Santa Cruz River, and the Anza Trail to experience the rich array of plant and animal life that made Tumacácori a thriving community for generations.

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USFWS Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge

Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge is always in search of dedicated volunteers. Our staff has a lot of opportunities for volunteers to get involved in. We have an ongoing Reintroduction program for the masked bobwhite quail and a habitat restoration project to improve the quail habitat on refuge. The habitat program will provide volunteer opportunities frequently so keep your eyes open if you are interested. Day trips will be posted every other week. If there are volunteer groups that are interested we can offer a multiple day stay in our Environmental Education Canter located in Brown Canyon that can accommodate groups of up too 16 individuals. We have annual surveying for vegetation and wildlife as well that will be posted.

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Visit Tucson

Visit Tucson’s vision is to welcome the world while making Tucson a better place to visit, live, work and play. Visit Tucson is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization that works to attract leisure visitors, group meetings, sports events, travel media, and films, commercials, and photo shoots to the metro Tucson region. We are the official destination marketing organization for the City of Tucson, Pima County, and Town of Oro Valley and partner with more than 500 business members throughout the community.

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Wild Arizona

Wild Arizona’s mission is to protect, unite, and restore wild lands and waters across Arizona and beyond, for the enrichment and health of all generations, and to ensure Arizona’s native plants and animals a lasting home in wild nature. We organize and amplify multi-community voices of support for legislation and special designations; advocate for conservation science-based environmental policy and planning; and cultivate stewardship, social/environmental awareness, and well-being through outdoor volunteerism, science, and education.

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