Arizona Illustrated has created an amazing video capturing the beauty of the desert in this beautiful Spring of 2019. As they have stated “Spring of 2019 will go down as one of the best years for Arizona wildflowers in decades, thanks to abundant fall and winter rain in the desert. The profusion of color led to scores of visitors in public spaces, including Catalina State Park and Picacho Peak State Park.” You can find the video here

Cronkite News has written a great article, filled with amazing pictures of the desert bloom we have been lucky to witness this Spring! You can read it here

Additionally, the website has similarly written an article expanding on the Desert Bloom. This article is also accompanied by breathtaking pictures of the bloom! You can find the article here

Lastly, Rattlesnake Solutions have written a helpful article providing tips for how to stay safe while we are all trying to capture the beauty of this Spring Desert Bloom. Read that article here

by Colleen Whitaker, published April 3, 2019

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