SAQF members, other volunteers and USFWS planted 96 quail friendly shrubs at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

These plants needs to be watered once or twice a week to establish a good start prior to monsoon. The refuge is planning to do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting 2 May. Even an hour or so on one day will help.

We saw both Gambels and Masked Bobwhite in the area when we were out planting.

If you are coming from Tucson and going down W Ajo hwy (highway 86) you will turn left at Three Points onto highway 286 then proceed south until you reach Secundino Rd at mile 15 and a half and the road will be on your left or to the east.

If you are coming from Green Valley/ Arivaca area, you will go south on route I-19 then get off at exit 48 to get on to Arivaca Rd. Go through Arivaca and continue on Arivaca Sasabe Rd until you reach highway 286 then make a right turn and go to mile 15 an a half and Secundino Rd will be to the east.

Please contact Rebecca Chester at or (505) 270-1492 if you are able to help. You can sign up for future dates.

by Colleen Whitaker, published June 12, 2019